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Kinesiology taping
Kinesiology taping

The proper application of kinesiology tape can effectively re-educate the motor system, relieving pain and allowing one to return to activity sooner.

InsideOut therapists are leaders in the application and instruction of this popular and highly effective modality.

The kinesiology taping method helps lift the skin and allows the flow of body fluids underneath the application area, near the muscles. This added flow of fluid around the muscles results in better muscle performance and relieves muscle fatigue.

Taping does not restrict movement and does allow a full range of body motion. The tape adhesive is heat-activated, very light weight, and hypo-allergenic,  causing less skin irritation than other tapes.

The use of Kinesiology tape involves tape covering the affected muscles or muscle area and helps to:
  • reduce pain and inflammation
  • relax muscles that are suffering from overuse
  • support muscle movement

The therapist will incorporate kinesiology taping as part of your physiotherapy treatment,  if needed.